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Farm Asset Protection Strategies: Safeguarding Agricultural Legacies for Future Generations

CCE Oneida County

Stephen Hadcock (

CCE Oneida County
121 Second St.
Oriskany, NY 13424

Wednesday February 14, 2024, 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM (Eastern)

A workshop on farm asset protection to help farm owners and managers to preserve long-standing agricultural legacies. In these uncertain times, safeguarding valuable farm assets has become paramount to ensure our farming communities' continued success and sustainability. Topics included are: • How can I use my current records to gauge how well my business is doing? Various suggestions will assist you in looking at your records differently. • What can I do to retain employees? Ideas will be shared on how to get new employees off to a good start. Also, ideas on how to help retain employees as well. • Am I ready to consider diversifying my business? Thoughts on how to approach evaluating the diversification of your farm business will be shared. • When and how do I start the succession process? It is never too early to begin discussing farm succession/transfer. Topics will be covered to help you feel confident to begin the process for your business. Shared topics may help you with your process if you have already started.

How To Register: Each participant will receive written materials and a flash drive containing various resources. Register for this workshop online: For questions about the workshop, contact Steve Hadcock at 518-380-1497 or

Topics: Asset Protection, Heirs' Property & Fractionated Land, Estate Taxes & Estate Planning, Ag Finance and Record Keeping